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Inspired by vision, guided by knowledge and previous experience of its founder and CEO Jiri Vahalik – DOVA Aircraft has been producing safe, reliable and high quality ultra-light aircrafts and aircraft components for more than 15 years.

In DOVA Aircraft we do not run by the motto ‘Our customer, our master’. Our clients become a part of our family. We believe that when you purchase an aircraft with our name on it, it is not just about buying an attractive aircraft, but about betting your money on quality built on experience.

For more than 15 years we have been producing first-class, safe and reliable ultra-light aircrafts and aircraft components. We only use well-established methods and modern technologies. We carefully control the production process and we test and monitor the electronics, performance and durability of each aircraft and its every single component.

We keep pace with innovative technologies and thanks to years of experience we can construct the airframe just as well as its spare parts. In the aircraft industry we thrive on always pushing forward, fulfilling our future vision and dream.

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